Fair Playing Field

As talked about in a previous post, people feel that the rich are meritorious/virtuous/the best/elite because they succeed in the competition and rose to the top (upper class). This, when viewed as a class structure, is considered OK because they “earned” it instead of being granted it or inherited (as in a title). To complete […]

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Thought for the day

In order to explain how people often remain within their ideology even when they are forced to admit facts, one has to supplement investigation and disclosure of facts by the analysis of ideology which not only makes people blind to the full horror of facts but also enables them to participate in activities which generate these atrocious facts while maintaining the appearance of human dignity. -Zizek

Thought for the day.

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Social Controls

“The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” -Stephen Biko The best thing about them is that they seem like individual choices and therefore can always be blamed on the individual rather than the system. The System is socio-economic This means that our lives, in a direct and […]

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