Burial Grounds Cafe

Burial Grounds is another cafe in Olympia Washington.  It seems to be the more local cafe to some extent.  You see a lot of the same people there from day-to-day.  Of course new people, too.  It just has that local vibe to it. They  have a lot of creatively named drinks, that they holler out […]

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Caffe Vita

I have not done any cafe posts in a long time.  Even though I was just on the road for almost two months.  I just wasn’t feeling it or something.  However, now I want to do one (maybe more soon) on a cafe in Olympia, Washington called Caffe Vita.

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The next go around.

We are about to head back out on the open road (in a van no less).  We hope to be doing and seeing lots of things and meeting lots of awesome people.   We will be traveling through parts of Canada and the northern United States. Also, of course, we will be in lots of cafes! […]

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The Wrap up

I love cafes.  I’m glad I’ve gotten to see so many in so many different places.  Now I am back where it all started.  My cafe in my home shall remain nameless for a few reasons.  However, I will say that it is nice and has all the things that I love about cafes, but […]

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