The Wrap up

I love cafes.  I’m glad I’ve gotten to see so many in so many different places.  Now I am back where it all started.  My cafe in my home shall remain nameless for a few reasons.  However, I will say that it is nice and has all the things that I love about cafes, but […]

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Venice, CA

Oh, Venice. Venice California that is. What a crazy place. An awesome place but crazy. We got here two night ago. Down from Santa Monica, which is a mile away along the coast. Santa Monica is super ritzy. There is the Third Street Promenade, with Nordstrom and Louis Vuitton. There is the Santa Monica Pier […]

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Coffee for the People

This is the first of my (our) cafe “reviews.”  More like little notes about different cafes.  Sometimes I may talk about what kind of coffee there is or I may not.  For me it is more about the place itself. Today we are at Coffee for the People.  This is a nice cafe.  It has […]

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