Forest Home Cemetery

While we were on the road this past summer we visited the Forest Home Cemetery in Chicago.  It is a historic cemetery were many radical people are now buried.  It is also the home of the Haymarket martyrs memorial.


Our own adventure getting to the cemetery was somewhat of an odyssey in itself.  We had already traveled over 2,000 miles just to get to Chicago!  I was under the impression that the cemetery was called Waldham.  This is what it was called in the eighteen hundreds when it first opened.  However, as I said, it is now called the Forest Home cemetery and there is another one that is called Waldham.

So after riding the train for 16 stops and then transferring to another for 13 stops, from the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Headquarters, we got on bus towards what I thought was the right cemetery.  We couldn’t find it and finally decided to ask someone.  The trouble was I still didn’t have the right name so I asked them where the Waldham cemetery was.  The area we were in has a lot of cemeteries.  I had not expected that either.  Anyway, they directed us to the Waldham cemetery which was back the way we came!

We found it and walked all though out it looking for the monument.  We figured that it was pretty big and it would stand out.  Well after walking though the whole cemetery we still had not found it.  We had split up in order to save time in looking and I was walking back to find my friend when I say a man coming out of an office associated with the cemetery.  I stopped and asked him where the monument was and he told me I had the wrong cemetery.  It was further down the street.

We finally found it but our trip was still not over.  Some how we missed the sign right at the entrance that points towards the monument!  So we rode our bikes around the cemetery for around an hour!  It is a really big cemetery!  We had split up again to cover more ground and after an hour I was circling back towards the front when I saw the sign.  As I approached the monument my friend was already there waiting for me.

I had already been looking forward to seeing the monument, which I had read about and heard about for years, and now after all this work to find it and riding all over this part of Chicago in the summer heat, I was incredibly relived as well!


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