#Justice4Jamar Camp Expands; Residents Block I94; 50+ Arrested

Denver Anarchist Black Cross

From Popular Resistance:


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Nov. 16, 2015 – 9:25PM [LIVE VIDEO] As Minneapolis residents protested the police execution of Jamar Clark just two nights ago (~1AM Sunday morning CST) UnicornRiot.Ninja can confirm our livestream reporter Niko has just been arrested by a tactical action team on Interstate 94 in North Minneapolis. [Yesterday’s coverage]

10:30PM CST: We are sorry to report that Jamar Clark was removed from life support today, according to multiple sources. At least 50 people were arrested on Interstate 94 near the Broadway Ave N intersection.

10:05PM CST: UnicornRiot has resumed broadcasting at the newly expanded camp in front of the 4th Precinct. [LIVE FEED]

More arrests are proceeding and @blacklivesmpls reported slightly after 9PM that Nekima Levy-Pounds ( @nvlevy ) of the local NAACP has also been arrested.

9:45PM: Dozens of people are at the 4th Precinct right…

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