Burial Grounds Cafe

Burial Grounds is another cafe in Olympia Washington.  It seems to be the more local cafe to some extent.  You see a lot of the same people there from day-to-day.  Of course new people, too.  It just has that local vibe to it.

They  have a lot of creatively named drinks, that they holler out when they are ready.  Their drip coffee is good and pretty inexpensive.  You can also get one free refill which is nice!  They have a bunch of different kinds of discounts, including one if you work downtown.

They have free WiFi.  The password is “damngoodcoffee.”  The bathroom is locked and you have to ask for the key.  They are super big on giving the key back to them and not to the next person who wants it!

They must have had some problems in the past because they have a big list of rules on the back wall which includes not touching the barista and not doing drugs in the bathroom.

They have a decent amount of power outlets and they have two computers you can use.  I have not used them myself so I’m not sure about their ease of access but they seem ok.

I like this cafe the only thing is that it can be a bit intense sometimes.  But this also makes it unique.

This is their web page.


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