My Struggle for Freedom in the midst of Virginia’s Truth-in-Sentencing and Abolition of Parole Laws

Check out this new blog! Mostly writings from my friend and comrade Uhuru who is a prisoner in the state of Virginia.

Conscious Prisoner

I am a 38-year-old Black male from the city of Richmond, Virginia, who has been incarcerated at various prisons in the Virginia Department of Corrections for over 20 consecutive years. I am serving a 93-year prison sentence without the possibility of parole for my participation in a robbery that resulted in the shooting deaths of two innocent people.

Uhuru (right) visits with his family, stepfather James, mother Claretha and nephew Remarkable, on Oct. 7, 2012.

Faced with overwhelming evidence of my guilt, I entered into a “blind” plea to two counts of second degree murder, robbery, and three counts of use of a firearm during the commission of a felony, although I never possessed a gun. Little did I know, my fate was sealed.

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