Caffe Vita

I have not done any cafe posts in a long time.  Even though I was just on the road for almost two months.  I just wasn’t feeling it or something.  However, now I want to do one (maybe more soon) on a cafe in Olympia, Washington called Caffe Vita.

If you remember my old criteria were not what one might expect in regards to reviewing a cafe.  While I love coffee, cafes, and coffee “culture.”  As well as being interested in the brutal history of coffee, my cafe posts tended to deal more with practical things.

Caffe Vita is a nice roomy cafe.  They have a lot of tables and two non-gendered bathrooms.  The bathrooms are locked but the keys are on the cafe bar.  They are attached to big serving spoons.  They have several power outlets at about 4 or 5 tables around the walls.  There are also three tables outside for that classic street cafe feel.  You can also smoke at them which is nice.  They have a few books and several broad games, including Go!

Their regular coffee is brewed using a french press and they have all the standard espresso drinks; also, a section of teas.  They have limited but good baked goods.  I don’t believe that these are made in-house, but they are baked somewhere locally.

They have free wifi with no password, just login.

Caffe Vita is a “chain” but not in the common sense.  More of a hip chain with several locations but only in certain places.  There is the one here in Olympia, several in Seattle, some in Portland, one in New York, and one in LA.


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