Homelessness is not some ‘quirky life-style’ choice no matter what hipsters tell you

Words are important.


How unaffordable are Auckland’s living costs? In fact, how unaffordable are living costs all over the world from England to Greece? Do you want a solution to the staggering rental prices millions of young people are struggling to pay? Cool. Me too. Well, the NZ Herald journalist Simon Collins has found it: just live in your car or van or whatever has four wheels. Seriously, it isn’t that bad! It’s an extended, fun-filled road-trip where you will get to see the countryside and meet (read: view) all kinds of interesting ‘vagrants’ and socially disenfranchised and marginalised.

Just ask couple Jesse Hamilton and Lorielle Vidot that Simon managed to find for his article ‘Living on the streets: this couple does not think it is that bad.’ Lorielle and Jesse, who intend to travel around New Zealand in their car, told Simon,

“They have discovered a whole new community since they abandoned…

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