What Happened Here? The Events in Olympia on the Evening of May the 30th

A good account of the recent events in Olympia.


On May 21st police officer Ryan Donald shot Bryson Chaplin and Andre Thompson, two young African American men accused of attempting to steal beer from a local supermarket.  One of them had apparently menaced him with a skateboard.  Ryan shot him.  They fled to nearby woods then reemerged and were both shot by the cop.  Chaplin ended up in critical condition in the hospital and Thompson in serious condition.

While the circumstances remain cloudy, it was abundantly clear that the lack of proportional use of force placed the shooting within the spectrum of systemic police violence that leaves hundreds of young black men dead- dead from police shootings at a rate 22 times higher than whites.  #BlackLivesMatter protests supported by white allies in our overwhelmingly Caucasian community started immediately.  The first night the protestors were attacked by drunken counter-protestors supporting the police. Disturbingly, the following night the counter-protestors were…

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