Prisoners set prison on fire.

So you may not have heard…but a prison was all but burned to the ground by the prisoners. It happened in Texas, on February 21st. The prisoners were taking direct action against the conditions of the prison.

“The large Kevlar tents that make up the facility were described in a 2014 report by the American Civil Liberties Union as not ‘only foul, cramped and depressing, but also overcrowded.’

The report said that inmates reported that their medical concerns were often ignored by staff and that corners were often cut when it came to health care.

Brian McGiverin, a prisoners’ rights attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project, said that he was not surprised inadequate medical care could ignite a riot. He said medical care is grossly underfunded in prisons, especially in ones run by private contractors.

‘It’s pretty abysmal with regard to modern standards how people should be treated, pretty much anywhere you go,’ he said.”

Here is the link to the full article. And another.

This prison was run by Management and Training Corp. a company that runs private prisons for the the government.

Another interesting fact about this is that these prisoners were mostly undocumented migrants. Not criminals.

As a result of the prisoners taking over the prison and setting it on fire, all of them had to be moved to another prison.


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