The NYPD Turn Their Backs… Thank God (sic).

For two consecutive weeks, New York City police officers have seemed to sit back, ignoring minor offenses and parking transgressions so completely that only 347 criminal summonses were written in the seven days through Sunday, down from 4,077 in the same period a year ago.

…But for the New Yorkers in the middle, the slowdown has not appeared to translate to a spike in serious crime so much as in a fading, for good or ill, of the blue line that keeps the city’s streets in order.

…It is funny that the New York Times can say that the slowdown has not seemed to create a spike in serious crime while in the same sentience say that the police keep the city’s streets in order… In the first weeks of January the NYPD participated in a “work slowdown.”  They were attempting to show their worth to the mayor who, they believed, had contributed to the anti-police feeling in New York and the country as a whole (if not the world).

Of course the real root of the feeling comes from the racist and corrupt core of the police in general; and the work slowdown seems to have backfired.  The pigs were obviously trying to show how their “thin blue line” kept everyone safe and if they backed down then all hell would break loose.  Of course this did not happen.

We see in the corporate media just how much “crime” and “arrests” are one in the same.  They are struggling to maintain the idea.  Even after saying that they will only be making “necessary” arrests.  Then we all wonder, “who are they arresting unnecessarily?!”  Probably most people.  In other words we might see on the nightly news that so many arrests were made at a given point.  The media seeks to have us equate this with how many crimes were committed, thus reinforcing the idea that all crimes are punished and all punishments are only dealt out to criminals.  So then we come to the conclusions that “if you are innocent you have nothing to worry about…” and if you are accused, let alone punished, then you are automatically a criminal.  This is of course not even mentioning the “crimes” that are perpetrated against fucked up laws and the system in general.

Again, the anti-police feeling is not coming from rhetoric or from some political stunt, but it is coming from very real feelings.  Feelings that come from the police themselves terrorizing neighborhoods.  Busting people for minor offenses and then the court system ruining what is left of their life.  Feelings of anger and frustration that arise when people see or read about pigs killing children playing in a park, for really no reason what so ever, other than the child was black.

The pigs have been doing these things forever.  Recently is was Stop-and-Frisk, before that it was No Knock, racial profiling, capturing run away slaves…

Just like capitalism the police are not a broken institution that is in need of reform.  Rather, it is an institution that does pretty much what it was designed to do.  Protect the status quo, protect the state.  And just like capitalism the only solution is to get rid of it all together.


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