The Ecology of Unions. Introduction.

Benefits are put forward by pro-union organizers. These benefits include equity in pay, workplace safety, humane work hours, job security and participation in the process of deciding how the company will change over time.

Critics of organized labour disavow such benefits and, indeed, instances in which unions have failed in their intentions and left businesses floundering appear to be numerous.

How can a system of organized labour exist as both champion and desecrator of business and industry; a social force for stability and equity, yet a careless and unbalanced threat to economic integrity?

To answer these questions we must first come to understand HOW each of these perceptions of organized labour has arisen historically. This will lead us more or less directly into a discussion of 1) the spectrum of philosophies, ethics, and principles belonging to and preceding said perspectives and 2) the broader context in which the spectrum of attitudes about labour have arisen.

Through this process of historical and philosophical mapping further questions about the nature of labour, how and why we organize ourselves about it will be discovered. These questions in turn will set the framework for more in-depth critical examination into 3) Ecological models for the valuing and exercise of labour and, finally, 4) An outline for the establishment of organized labour according to, informed by, and in solidarity with the greater gestalt that includes both the needs and characteristics of human society AND the ecology in which society is manifest.

At the completion of the work the reader will have a deeper understanding of how we have come to find ourselves in the difficult straits with respect to the work we all do, whatever its nature may be, and I hope the reader will acquire some useful tools for the crafting of healthier, more fulfilling and ultimately more productive modes of meeting their own needs without sacrificing their invaluable and finite life to the greater benefit of just a few careless and misguided members of society.

We all want to be happy, and we all want to eliminate suffering. Let that be the common thought as we go together into the coming months and years to cultivate a depth of understanding that will rival and surpass in mind the skill and integrity we bring to our physical labour by our own hands.

-By Pulla Pulla


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