fifty thousand bees in a box (limits to wonder)

fifty thousand bees in a box will build a hive and make honey
free upon unlimited open space, they will wander across just as many acres, spreading the pollen of innumerable plants

before passing any judgment or making comparisons, let us be reasonable, and agree that without one, there is no other

without a cause there is no revolution a well planned coup, and the anarchy that follows

years of aimless travel and wonder conveyed in a single novel or poem, encouraging another to cut all ties and roam the

back roads of their own homeland and psyche

our work is focused and inward our work is sprawling, ever reaching, touching all that we can and cannot see

a meadow, a mountain, the rising sun above the ocean stand back and behold an unnamable glory washed over and drip-ping, flooding a river overcomes you, and continues without end behind your back

a flower, a stone, a grain of sand quiet in the intimate presence of the God who hath made all fear and trembling in true silence if ever it falls upon you if ever you are so fortunate

breathing in
breathing out
a moment between defines and connects the other

(the honey is in the comb is in the box is in the meadow)

Written by Gary Hello


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