The TPP won’t let us be, or let us be free, so let us see…

tpp-01The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP is a recently leaked trade agreement that spans 12 countries, with the almost certain promise of becoming 24 countries, connecting the West with Asia. It includes – the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Chile, Brunei, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, and South Korea – with more than likely – Polynesia, India, Taiwan, the Philippines, Laos, Colombia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

This trade agreement was largely kept secret since 2005, when it started, but was recently made public by Wikileaks this past year (2013). This “trade agreement” covers much more than it initially appears to,

not only does it cover trade of many types but also areas like internet freedom, intellectual property, food production, nuclear energy, pollution, financial deregulation, labor, import and export deregulation, welfare regulation, patent protection and copy rights, public’s access to natural resources, and the reduction of all tariffs to zero. Changes in these areas have many more consequences than it first appears and these changes will ripple and flow into other areas of human rights and daily life like medicine, worker rights, unions and jobs, GMO’s and labeling, natural resource management, food and much more.

In 2006 the US fought the EU extensively on limiting a business’s right to profit in these areas. Specifically meat created with excessive growth hormone that the EU would not allow because of the evidence that it is poor for human health even if it does happen to be cheaper. This is essentially what would happen with the TPP. The Court or tribunal of the TPP would end up with more power than the individual state. It would give the business man more power than the politician. Imposing their wants by strong arming the country into making decisions that are beneficial for the TPP’s pockets and threatening the country with being shunned and kicked out of the group. Domestic courts would be overruled on any and all things the TPP covers. The decision of the court will need to comply with the TPP or suffer the ramifications of the gang of the TPP tyrants.

This would allow a business to sue a state or country for limiting their “right to business.” Such as when New York banned fracking, or Vermont requiring GMOs to be labeled. Things like monopolies will become stronger. NAFTA got rid of trade limits between countries under its jurisdiction — this would happen again. Mexico’s corn industry was devastated by NAFTA when the US sent 6 million metric tons of corn in 2002. This wiped out the small farmers and only allowed for a few mega companies to survive; at the same time, creating a lot of new real-estate by kicking those farmers off their land which they had occupied for generations. There have been massive protests in Japan for fear of a replay in their rice industry because of TPP deregulation.

All in all almost 50% of the world’s economy will be affected and dominated by this “trade agreement.” Better known as a new set of laws and more authoritative power structures not elected by the people; or perhaps best remembered as a trade agreement of – your rights for their power and profit.


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