An open invitation to all restaurant workers

We all know the stress and the strain of restaurant work. From fast food to sit-down dinning. We know the riggers of sweating in a hot kitchen for too little money an hour. Of rushing around from table to table for the tips that we hope will be enough to cover the rent. We all have our eyes on our precious few days off when we will try to recover from our hard work.

Even if we feel comfortable in our job, we should not be fooled that problems are always right around the corner.

If we get sick we might lose hours or even days of pay. We could even lose our job. At best we will have to work while we are suffering though our illness.

We all know the stress of a schedule that changes from week to week. For those of us who have families this is even more painful.

We know the pain of having to work for 8 plus hours without being able to sit down hardly at all.

We know how to do our jobs. We know the times when different bosses tell use to do contradictory things. Or otherwise tell use how to do our jobs. Who other than the workers know how to do our jobs the best?

What we have to learn is that in our hands is placed a power far greater than that of the bosses. The power to work, and thus, to stop working. In other words, no matter how it seems, we have the power and means to control our working conditions. As someone once said: “The workers with their hands in their pockets have more power than the bosses; and besides, the bosses can’t put their hands there.”

When the workers organize nothing can stop us.

Won’t you join us for a better life on and off the job?

Join the One Big Union! Join the Industrial Workers of the World!


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