Back in the States: Florida

So, here we are back state-side.  We landed in Fort Lauderdale the other day.  Now we are hitchhiking back up to Virginia, with several stops along the way.  Right now we are in Orlando.  It took us about a day and  a half to get up here from Fort Lauderdale.  Not too bad.

We had pretty good luck with rides and everything.  Most people are actually very nice.  Everyone that gave us a ride was very nice and interesting and either just wanted to help or to talk to someone during their commute or whatever.  Or they use to hitchhike when they were younger and were glad to see people still doing it.

We did see two other travelers who were not hitchin’ but they were traveling out to CO.  They said that they had some problems hitchin’ in FL before so they were saving up money to take a train and then hitch the rest way or whatever came their way.

The fear of hitchhiking seems to be part of the ruling hegemony.  Several of the people we got rides with talked about the idea of dangerous hitchhikers.  Often referring to people getting killed.  However, not one of them talked about an actual event where this happened.  I don’t know of any.  The point is, even if there is a past event where this did happen it is not the event that people remember and are afraid of.  I would say that the idea manly comes from movies and the media.

Orlando Food Not Bombs


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