Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mexico City.

We have so many posts to catch up on I am not even sure if we should.  That is, maybe we should just focus on the present.  That’s what everyone always says.

We have been soaking in Mexico City.  So far all we have really seen is the IMG_20140121_110809Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Here is what that was like…

We found some wifi and looked up how to get there.  According to what I found it was about an hour away by foot.  We had decided to walk so that we could see more of the city and because we were at a low point in our funds (meaning: we were broke).

So we started off and soon got to the road that the Basilica is on.  Conveniently named: Cluz de Guadalupe.  We knew we were on the right    trIMG_20140121_142703ack but we started to ask some people where the Basilica was.  The first person just pointed down the road so we thought we were near.  We contiuned to walk but did not find it and could see notthing up ahead.

We asked some one else and they said it was on this road but it was pretty far.  I guess when I looked the directions up online something got mixed up.  But we carried on and after a while we finaly got there.


The place is very beautiful.  You first walk into a large courtyard area and the old Basilica is in front of you, there is a large cross, with different kinds of clocks in it, to the far right; and to the left is the new, very modern looking church.


The inside of the new (modern) church.
The Lady herself


After the modern church we went up the steps that are behind the original Basilica.  They take you up to another older church that commonds an amzing view.



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