México es preciosa

Mexico! That’s where we are. Guadalajara to be specific. Between Tonala and Zalatitan we are on the run. There seems to be scant cafes in Mexico, at least, of course, that we have seen. So far we have found two. One in Tonala and one here in Zalatitan. Latter is the one we are in now. Most of the businesses here in this neighborhood are run out of peoples homes or from 175848street venders. Because of this, the cafe we are in now does not have a name it just has a sign outside that says cafe.

It is very nice and the people are wonderful. Yesterday we were here, too. We got two sandwiches and two americanos for about 7$!! They have a free bathroom and free wifi. I am not sure about power outlets, but it is their house so I assume there are some. They have several couches and coffee tables. As well as a counter for people to sit at. They also project music videos on one wall and have a small library (in Spanish of course).


“’You believe perhaps, gentlemen,’ said Karl Marx in 1848, ‘that the production of coffee and sugar is the natural destiny of the West Indies. Two centuries ago, nature, which does not trouble herself about commerce, had planted neither sugarcane nor coffee trees there.’ The international division of labor was not organized by the Holy Ghost but by men-more precisely, as a result of the world development of capitalism.”

– From Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano

Latin America produces most of the worlds coffee, with Africa gaining ground in coffee production. And yet, speaking for personal experience and not from research, it is hard to find coffee in Latin America. When I say coffee I mean not instant coffee. That you can find. So far all the stores we have been only sell instant if they sell any and as I said before we have only seen the two cafes. We were told at this cafe that there is a large super market downtown (centro) that has coffee beans.

It is ridiculous that countries that produce the most coffee in the world barely have access to it.


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