Jungle Java, Ocean Beach San Diego

5047 Newport Ave, Ocean Beach, CA 92107

The morning of New Years Eve we were in Ocean Beach at a cafe called Jungle Java.  It is a nice indoor/outdoor cafe with wifi (password: year20annv).  There are no bathrooms at all.  You can smoke in the outdoor area, which is inclosed but as no roof.  They have the LA times to share, surprisingly the first cafe I have seen on this trip that has this.  The coffee is 2.20$ for a medium with no free refills.  Everyone was terribly nice.  There are power outlets but only in certain spots.

So 2 out 3, they have power and wifi but no bathrooms.  However, you can smoke there, it is an awesome atmosphere, and there is a newspaper to share.  All of that makes it a great cafe.

The only negative thing is a sign that says no bed rolls or copious amounts of backpacks/stuff.  While I’m sure this is targeted at travelers, which I am not sure if that is good either, it could still hit homeless as well (which there IMG_20131231_115137is a large population of in OB).


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