Santa Cruz Cafe and Roasting Co. and Tom Scribner

Due to the pressures of traveling we have fallen behind in our cafe posts.  The following one is from Santa Cruz which we were in about a week ago (I think).

Santa Cruz. What an amazing place! The cafe we were in is called Santa Cruz Cafe and Roasting Co. A very big place, with couches, tables, and counters. Free wifi, with no password. The bathrooms are locked and you need a key. There are some power outlets but Imagenot too many. They have lots of awesome coffee that you can get on pour over for 2.25$ for 16oz. Their house mug is 1.95$. I got the Santa Cruz Full City Roast on pour over it was great.

Out side of the cafe was a statue of Tom Scribner.  I could not believe it.  I knew of Tom Scribner from Utah Phillips.  I don’t know a lot about him only what I had learned from the songs of Utah Phillips. Image I learned later that Tom Scribner lived in Santa Cruz and use to play on the streets there.  Here is some info on Tom Scribner…


Tom Jefferson Scribner, 1899–1982

On the 1500 block of Pacific Avenue sits a bronze sculpture of an elderly man wearing a Derby hat and playing the musical saw. The man is Tom Jefferson Scribner. During the 1970’s and until his death in 1982, Scribner was a common sight on the Pacific Garden Mall where he played his musical saw for passersby. He was something of a counter culture celebrity, for he was a man of many talents: vaudevillian, editor, humorist, philosopher, educator, logger, and a labor organizer with the Industrial Workers of the World (the “Wobblies”).

The “Wobblies” were prevalent from 1905 to World War I, when they traveled from coast to coast. With ‘Solidarity’ as their slogan, their goal was to organize unskilled workers into ‘One Big Union’. Scribner’s life as a logger and labor organizer was retold in the acclaimed 1979 documentary, “The Wobblies.”

The sculpture was created in 1978 by artist, Marghe McMahon, who donated $1500 of her own money toward the cost. Funding also came from the Santa Cruz Arts Commission, California State Arts Council, UCSC, and other community groups. The total cost: $4000.

Here is some writing by Tom Scribner on the IWW website.


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