Taco De Mexico (Oxnard)

3101 Saviers Rd

Was an all around delight!  Its humble appearance kept it relaxing, the menu a tad confusing and the food…perfecto.  After having a wonderful conversation in line with a local, we ordered a chile reyeno plate and taquitos, these were unlike any taquitos I ever had. My poor mind is usually cursed with thinking of the 7-11 death sticks I’ve had the misfortune of eating once or twice.  I dare say the majority of American’s taquitos eating experience is in the 7-11 parking lot, drunk.  This was wildly different, twas real like how your Abualita makes.

The chile reyeno I was scared about, this big green chilli stuffed with cheese then fried was giving me terrible flashbacks of my one and only prior experience with them.  I was staying down the street from a place where this pepper grew in Guatemala.  The people I was with prepared and fried it, the second I touched my lips to the hot battered outside a rush of pain and my month went out of commission – numb for about 30 minutes.  So I  made Dylan try it first, and it was sweet 🙂

My recommendation, sit in the front and you will get nice music in the background because of the video arcade games there.  Also if you like horchata, theirs is pretty fabulous.



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