Dos Cafes

9509 Hwy 9
Ben Lomond, CA 95005

On Thursday morning we were in Ben Lomond at a nice little cafe called Coffee Nine.  We were in a bit of a hurry so we were not there very long but the place ha a good amount of setting, the bathroom was outside, they have wifi not sure if there is a password; and the house coffee is self serve.  The cafe is walking distance to everything in Ben Lomond, and is located right beside the Ben Lomond Market which is pretty good.

401 South A Street, Oxnard CA 93030

On Friday morning we were in Oxnard at a cafe called Fresh & Fabulous cafe.  It is a big place, really more of a Diner, but the only “cafe” in this town seems to be a Fivebucks.  This cafe had good coffee with free refills.  Wifi with no passwords, free bathrooms open to the public.  Also, it is located in a historic Woolworth Building.

Woolworth’s is one of the oldest department stores and in the late 1970s was the largest department store chain in the IMG_20131213_120530world.  With 2,000 stores in the US.  It is interesting that they peaked in the late ’70s, because that is when Wal-Mart started coming up and throughout the 1980s rose to the most powerful department store and put almost all the others out of business.

Greensboro NC Sit-In

Woolworth’s is also known for the lunch counter sit-in during the civil rights struggle; as well as a sit down strike during the Great Depression.  Here is a great recent articals on the sit-down strike, and comparson to current fast food/retail struggles, from Labor Notes.



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