Coffee for the People

1206 Masonic Ave. San Francisco Ca

This is the first of my (our) cafe “reviews.”  More like little notes about different cafes.  Sometimes I may talk about what kind of coffee there is or I may not.  For me it is more about the place itself.

Today we are at Coffee for the People.  This is a nice cafe.  It has lots of space, with couches in the back and coffee tables.  A good amount of power outlets.  Free WiFi with NO! password.  They have to buss you into the bathroom.  They have lots of books and some games.

It was a cold night on the Haught, but colder for some more than others.  However, it was nice to come to this cafe and get warm.  My only complaint, so far, is that they have one of the front doors open and we asked if they could close it and they said no.  So it is now pretty cold.  I don’t know if this is a normal thing, but damn, it is cold.

Lots of people hangout on the Haight, but I don’t see many of them in the cafes.  I know that most of them are poor and broke (not everyone on the Haight, just the ones that live here on the street), but coffee is cheap, more or less, and for me, that one cup of coffee can make you warm for hours.


One thought on “Coffee for the People

  1. Update: the cafe is super hardcore on only paying customers using the bathroom. That’s not unusal. However, they got mad at us for hanging out there “too” long. Even though we had got several cups of coffee. They seem to be down on street people.

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