Our Home is in the Stars

Our home is in the stars From the lowest to the highest point we are free Even with no place to be Our home is in the stars Our minds are on the struggle From the day to day, to the tragic With or without the magic Our minds are on the struggle Our hearts […]

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Venice, CA

Oh, Venice. Venice California that is. What a crazy place. An awesome place but crazy. We got here two night ago. Down from Santa Monica, which is a mile away along the coast. Santa Monica is super ritzy. There is the Third Street Promenade, with Nordstrom and Louis Vuitton. There is the Santa Monica Pier […]

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Django Cafe (Ventura)

Django cafe in Ventura I thought this cafe was going to be a good one. We randomly found it in Ventura when we were headed towards the downtown area, thinking we would find a cafe down there. However, we spotted this one. When I saw that it was named after Django Reinhardt and that when […]

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