Daily Prompt: What the future holds…

I do not normally make New Year resolutions.  Something I was just never socialized into, I guess.  So I don’t really have any this year.  However, what I do have is aspirations of what I will be doing next year.  Soon, next week in fact, I will be traveling to San Fransisco.  I was born, and have been living in Virginia.  I plan on this being the beginning of my traveling for a while.  First around the US for a while and then else where.  In addition to this, my main goal in life is to organize workers.  I am a proud member of the IWW, but have not really done any active shop organizing.  Although, I have done other types of organizing.

So next year I hope will be full of awesome adventures traveling from place to place and having a positive effect for the working class.

Daily Prompt: To Boldy Go…


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