What the worker doesn’t know…

My thanks to the Roadrunner Theorist. This is a great cartoon!

The Roadrunner Theorist

What the worker doesn't know..

In this cartoon the man to the left is asking the business man who can also be seen as the bourgeoisie to the right questions about the mode, means and relations of his production. As you can see although the worker who can also be seen as the proletariat or laborer is not seen throughout the cartoon, he is the base of discussion between the young man and the business man.

This is an example of Marx’s historical materialism where Marx describes that our infrastructure (the means of production, mode of production and relations of production) make up our economy and determine our superstructure. This cartoon is also an example of surplus value in the sense that the difference between what the workers earn and the price of the value is different which is demonstrated in the cartoon by the business man telling the young man to lower his voice…

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