A modest proposel. But wait, I’m serious.

rich-and-poor-Global_Starvation-     “We must make this a good business environment.”  “I’m pro business.”  This state is open for business.”  We have all heard these things before.  All most every election, if not all of them, one, or more likely both, politicians will say something like this.  When met with the opposite position they will say, something along the lines of, “If we rise (corporate) taxes it will drive businesses away.”  The argument is well known.  Without the “proper” incentives entrepreneurs will not do what they do.

Why don’t we just force them?

And you might answer – “We couldn’t do that!”  “We couldn’t force people to do something, or at least we shouldn’t.”  But lets think about this.  There are a few hundred of these people in the world.  Lets assume we do need them to do what they do.  Right now we supposedly have a system that tries to entice them.  Under this system we don’t force them we.  Cut corporate taxes, create Free Trade agreements, etc. to get them to setup businesses that create jobs and in turn provide the rest of us with work.

Now, another question, why do we want to work?  The general consensus is that if we didn’t have to work we wouldn’t.  Lets assume this is true.  If it is true then why do we work?  Well, to make money of course.  And why do we want to make money?  Well, to buy things.  We buy all sorts of things but at the very least we need to buy food and shelter, that kind of thing.

So we have two players in this system of the economy – the “Job-creators” and the workers.  We need both of them to do what they do (this is the assumption anyway) – right now we have it set up were we try to entice the “Job-creators” to do their part, and we force the workers to work.  Wait, how do we force them?  Well, it is said that they have a choice.  They don’t have to work.  Well that is true, but only if we consider starving to death a real option.  Lets put it like this if some one put a gun to your head and said you have the “option” of doing what they tell you or being shot – most of us would say that you did not have a choice.  That dying is not a viable option.  So we force workers to work.  Work or die we tell them.  So if we force workers to work but entice “Job-creators” to provide jobs – would it not make more sense to reverse this?  Entice workers to work and force “Job -creators” to do their part.  If we have to force some people then why not force a few hundred people instead of a few billion?  So, I say again,

Why not just force them?


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