An attempt towards poetry and politics


     The point is it will end with us.  Of course it has already started.  The absurd sitcom of the political ads.  Their only achievement furthering the hegemonic idea that there are no politics.  Its not about which side you are on so long as they are the ones defining the sides.  There are only two real sides — the rich and the poor.  In the purist political sense the Rich are our enemy.  You call out for an example of false sides.  Fine, comrade, fine…  They cut food stamps and already the two sides are defined.  Support the cut or don’t .  If we don’t then we support those in the government who, according to their own Liberal individualism, don’t want the cut.  However, that means in our support of them we accept the government!  Don’t you see!  Either way we fall into the trap of supporting our enemies!  Reject the whole idea. Be realistic… Demand the Impossible.

     Politics is the recognition that the world is man made.  There are two things important about this.  One, it is something we should rejoice in.  We, as humans, are powerful.  We are only limited by our will.  Two, the forces we come into contact with are not “natural” or some “law of the market,” but rather, are the outcomes or effects of actions taken by other humans.


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