Coffee and Knitting

Coffee and Knitting

This, among other things, is what I am thinking about today. In the flush of this new “blog” I have the desire to post things to it. SO that is what is happening.
Coffee and Revolution. Coffee has a good and bad rep in terms of revolution. We all (hopefully) know about the troubles with Starbucks. They treat their workers like shit and yet their CEO is known as a nice guy. They are the height of liberalness. Doing “nice” things on the surface, so that we feel good about ourselves while buying coffee there, and yet being just another horrible capitalist corp.
Something else that places like Fivebucks has done is change the idea of the café. Cafe’s have a rep of being a place for people to get together and talk about what is going on in the world. Fivebucks has modeled its cafes on fast-food restaurants thus going a long way to destroy this idea of the café.
Knitting and Revolution. Less to say on this. Just that knowing how to do things for ourselves, such as making and mending our own clothes is important.


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