Thoughts on using the System or Working within it.

The recent, so called, government shutdown is a good example of what happens when one works within the system.  The Tea-party, for our purposes, can be considered on the extreme ideological right.  So here we have a story of a hardline group that has ideological grounding.  They were able to work within the system and gain some control over one of the two major parties.  So not only did they work within the system whey worked within one of the parties.  Now they were able to operate so much control over the party because the party only controlled one half of the two political branches.  So in this way a minority that had worked their way in were able to speak as if a majority.  Also, since the part of the government they controlled was the House they were able to strike where it hurt the most – the budget.  All the better, for them, that the budget was also fundamental to their ideology.

Now, on to the point.  The Tea Party is the most successful instant, at least since maybe the 1960s, of hard-liners working with in the government and gaining some amount of control with in the party and the government.  They have kept to their ideology – that of small government and tried everything they could to force the government to its knees.  Now they are being attacked from all sides, and unless I am very wrong will soon be crushed.  Maybe as soon as tomorrow (Nov. 5 2013).

We could look at this as an isolated case.  Which would very much be to our disadvantage.  Instead of saying this was situational, we should draw out the more general principle.  That being: that the system has corrected itself with the same amount of force with which it has been attacked.  The radical element working within the government is being purged.  This is not because the element is right or wrong but because it is radical.  To the system it is a disease which may hinder the system for awhile but which will ultimately be disposed of.

The seizing of the government can only be the final part of a plan.  One must change the hegemony, and that is indeed a long process before one can enter the government or system.  Because having done that, one will no longer be radical.  Radical being other than the prevailing hegemony.


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