History of the German Labor Movement OR more on working within (and without) the system.

“In accordance with the changes in the social structure of the population in the Federal Republic the Social Democratic Party has changed from a closed party representing a specific class, into a party seeking to appeal to and represent various sections of the population.

As a result of this process of change in the party, the task of representing the specifically working-class interests outside parliament falls now predominantly to the trade unions.”

– From History of the German Labor Movement. p.8

This is the setup for how the state cannot help us, the working-class.  Because a party will come to seek the support of all, due to the structures of the system.  Then the unions, or other such organizations, will have to represent the class to the party and try to sway it to their  interests.  This in turn will force the unions to become highly bureaucratize and foster the idea that the state is the only answer.

So in the end the party will be like any other party and the unions will be more concerned with influencing the party then being responsive to the workers.  It also turns the unions into merely representatives of the workers rather than the workers themselves.


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