The Poor

This is another installment of “Social Controls.”  That is, an attempt to uncover how ideology works in our day to day lives. “Their lazy, they are a drag on society, due to their access to welfare and unwillingness to work. They just want to abuse the system and therefore their access should be severely limited.” […]

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Thought for the morning coffee

The recent efforts to promote lesbian and gay marriage also promote a norm that threatens to render illegitimate and abject those sexual arrangements that do not comply with the marriage norm in either its existing or its revisable form. At the same time, the homophobic objections to lesbian and gay marriage expand out through the culture question thus becomes, how does one oppose the marriage norm as the exclusive or most highly valued social arrangement of queer sexual lives?

From Undoing Gender by Judith Butler

Thought for the morning coffee

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Work and Play

The first thing I thought of when I saw today’s daily prompt about “play time” is how do we define “play?”  It seems that we think of work and play as being opposed to each other.  Which would mean you cannot do one while doing the other.  Of course there are people who have jobs […]

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Social Controls

“The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” -Stephen Biko The best thing about them is that they seem like individual choices and therefore can always be blamed on the individual rather than the system. The System is socio-economic This means that our lives, in a direct and […]

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